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Things you can do in your fist Spin Class

In case you are not very familiar with spin bikes and haven't used them before, the best thing you can for yourself is to join a spin class. Spin classes have gained a lot of importance over the years and more people have realized its importance and thus these classes can be found in almost all fitness places.

For beginners joining a spin class in recommended because it will help you decide whether you even really want a spin or not because a spin bike workout is quite different. In a spin class note that very thing is quite quick. Your trainer is not going to slow down the while class just for you so do not hesitate in case you feel you need a break.

Make sure you do not continue to spin if you are tired. Since you are new it is completely fine to take a break in between. Workout at a pace you are comfortable and make sure you do not drain your energy and leave some for the next workout. Another thing to keep in mind about spin classes in that there may be time you might need to stand up and cycle.

Standing up and cycling is an excellent idea if your using a top spin bike like Schwinn since it will exercise some important muscle groups in your body. Standing up and spinning burns way more fat than sitting and spinning so if you really want to lose weight you should consider it during every workout session.

Video below shows a spin class workout you can try

If apart from spinning you are also lifting weights I would advise you to get the best weight bench in order to stay safe and also be able to workout better